BGMI VS Free Fire: Which game has better graphics, frame rates, and gameplay experience?

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BGMI vs Free Fire Fire is like comparing apples and oranges. Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire are of the same Battle Royale genre. They both are famous among game lovers, especially the BGMI, which is famous in India and is only playable in India. Both games are quite similar, as the winner will be the last to survive until the game’s end. Additionally, Free Fire Advance server, Which allows players to test new features and updates before they are released globally, adds another layer of excitement for free fire enthusiasts.

Free Fire and BGMI are now available on iOS and Android devices, and one can play accordingly. Things in the BGMI and Free Fire are mostly similar, but there are also some major differences. On which a user decides which game he should play. Both games consist of equal users and lovers. Some major differences make them different from each other. I’m gonna explain to you the major differences between these two games.

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BGMI vs Free Fire

Graphics and Visuals & Gameplay:

BGMI provides its users with more realistic gameplay while playing.BGMI is far better than free fire if we talk about realism. Both games have equal fame In India, but which game is better is a never-ending debate.

BGMI gameplay is quite smoother as compared to the free fire. BGMI is for high-end devices, while Free Fire supports low-end devices. Both games took inspiration from anime, but BGMI’s character looks more realistic., I will tell you about the major differences in both games’ gameplay, visuals, graphics, and more.

Free Fire vs BGMI Landing:

Free Fire uses ultra-savvy settings that assist users in conserving battery and reducing resource usage, Allowing a smooth gaming experience while landing. On the other hand, BGMI usually uses HDR settings, which allow users to increase or decrease brightness and other settings related to their mobile hardware. Both games’ landing styles differ but vary from user to user, which game he plays the most.

BGMI vs Free Fire Sky Comparison:

In the BGMI vs FF sky comparison, Battlegrounds Mobile India is ahead of Free Fire. In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Sky provides a more realistic feel during gameplay. The lightning animation looks good while in a free fire when the safe zone comes.

BGMI vs Free Fire Road Comparison:

In a free fire, It gives a realistic feel when we apply a break on the car, leaving tire marks and smog on the road. While in BGMI, handling a car is unrealistic, and if you are a skilled full player, it would be easy to handle the car. In BGMI, there are no tire marks on the road.

Game Modes and Features:

BGMI has so many game modes depending on the player’s choice.BGMI ranked mode is for those ready to accept difficult challenges and win on their skill. BGMI also has unranked modes, further divided into Arena, Classics, Arcade, Custom Rooms, and Training Grounds. All modes play an important role in the gameplay. New modes often come with the new update of the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Free Fire offers shorter events with more excitement and limited time. All modes have a significant effect on the gameplay.

  •  Battle Royale
  • Clash Squad
  • Creative Mode
  • Lone Wolf
  • Ranked Modes (BR and CS Ranked)

System Requirements:

Both games have many similarities in gameplay, and the graphics used in both games are fantastic and not similar. The system requirements to play BGMI and Free Fire are also different. The system requirements for Krafton’s BGMI and Garena’s Free Fire are below.

For Free Fire:

  • Download Size: 710 MB
  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3
  • RAM: 1 GB (Recommended 2 GB)


  • Operating System: Android 5.1.1 or above.
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • File size: 721 MB

BGMI and Free Fire can compromise on the same RAM, while BGMI needs more space than Free Fire.

Frame Rate:

We will discuss FPS, which is the frequency of the frame display. BGMI offers 60-90 FPS, while Free Fire offers its users 30-60 FPS. If we talk about players, then BGMI players are comfortable with 60-90 FPS and Free Fire player 

BGMI VS Free Fire, Which Is Better?

Both games are quite popular, and both entertain their fans well. Let the audience choose the best one from both games. Those with low-end devices will choose Free Fire as the best game, while BGMI players will choose BGMI as the best. The good thing is that both games entertain their users by providing them with a unique gaming experience according to their needs. If you still need clarification about which game suits you, choose both games for a better decision. The total difference is given below as a table you can judge quickly between both games.

BGMI VS FF Summarizing Table:

FeatureFree FireBGMI
GraphicsLess realisticMore realistic
GameplayMore casualMore tactical
ContentLess contentMore content
FeaturesUpdated less frequentlyUpdated more frequently
Esports sceneLess developedMore developed

BGMI VS Free Fire Comparison Youtube Video:


My final words for comparing BGMI and Free Fire are that those with high-end devices will like BGMI as it gives a realistic feel, while those with low-end devices will choose Free Fire. Both games are best, but it depends on users’ preferences.


Battle Grounds Mobile India is more famous in India as it was released after the ban of PUBG in India. It is also known as India Ka Pubg.

Both games are competitive, offering different events and game modes with new challenges.

Both games give new updates and new features. But particular new content may vary in both games.

Before the launch of BGMI, Free Fire had more players, but now BGMI has more players than Free Fire.

BGMI has more powerful graphics, which gives a more realistic gameplay experience.

Yes, BGMI and Free Fire have different system requirements. BGMI needs more space to play it on your device. At the same time, Free Fire only needs a little space to play on your device as both have different graphics in their gameplay.

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