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Battlegrounds Mobile India For PC

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 BGMI android users were already playing their favorite game on their smartphones having different device capabilities. At the same time some of them want a bigger twist by playing their favorite game on the bigger display. 

They want to double the fun of their favorite game by playing it on a big screen to enhance their skill. They can play Battlegrounds Mobile India on a low-end computer.

This game attracts its users repeatedly, as in this Battle Royale game, all contenders fight tooth and nail to survive. Playing games on a PC will give you a better gaming experience.

If you played BGMI APK just on Android and plan to play it on your PC, it will be a crazy experience. I will tell you how you can run your craziest game, BGMI, on your PC. BGMI is a game of brave warriors whose approach toward their opponents is like hunting or being hunted. 

BGMI is a baptism of fire for a newbie who will experience it for the first time in his life. While playing BGMI, you should remember the terms and conditions provided by Krafton to enjoy it fully. PC users can also experience multiplayer gameplay while playing BGMI and can share their gaming experiences with other players using Jtwhatsapp.

BGMI for PC/ Laptop/ Mac

App Info

App NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Size76 MB
Version3.0 [Latest Version]
Developed ByKrafton
Last UpdateJanuary,2024

BGMI Download For Laptop

 You must have this question: how to download and play BGMI in PC? To download Battlegrounds Mobile India for PC, you should be clear about which Windows version you use. Here, I have given the download link for Windows 7 and 10 to download BGMI for laptop.

It is straightforward to download the Battlegrounds Mobile India PC version. Battlegrounds Mobile India for Pc version also has smooth gameplay. You can download BGMI for pc windows 10/8/7/11/mac.

BGMI For Windows 10/11(32-bit / 64-bit)

You can download BGMI for Windows 10 / 11 (32-bit / 64-bit) to experience the best adventure game and take the plunge on a big computer screen. You will also be able to get all the features of BGMI on your PC.

BGMI APK Download For PC Windows 7 PC (32-bit / 64-bit)

 BGMI is working perfectly on Windows 10 without creating any errors and satisfying its gamers. To get the experience of BGMI For Windows 7 PC (32-bit / 64-bit), You must follow the steps below to play it on your required window.

BGMI Emulator

Without an emulator, you cannot play this game on your computer. So, If you want to play your favourite game ,use BGMI emulator for pc to run this game. follow all my steps properly. If you have missed a single step, your game may not run. I will tell you all steps, so if you have internet, quickly move to step one.

Step 1: Download the Android emulator from the browser on your PC and install it.

 Step 2: Activate the Emulator and open the Google Play Store on the Emulator.

BGMI for PC blustacks emulator

Step 3: At the top right corner of the search bar, search BGMI.

Search for BGMi

 Step 4: Then click on the BGMI app and install it.

Step 5: The BGMI app will be shown on the Emulator’s home screen after downloading.


Step 6: To play BGMI on PC, click the game icon. Now that the ball is in your court, tap the play button.


Best Emulators to Download BGMI on PC

To get a better experience of BGMI on PC, you should install the best emulators. Below is the list of the best emulators to play BGMI on PC. You also need to be familiar with the BGMI emulator controls.


Bluestacks is the lightest and easiest-to-use Emulator to run your desired games on a PC. It is one of the best Android emulators for playing apps and games on a PC. You can also get a beautiful taste of BGMI using the BlueStacks emulator. Use this emulator to download BGMI for windows 10/8/7/11/mac.

It supports Android 7.1 Nougat. Bluestacks is the most popular emulator to download BGMI. Bluestacks is the best BGMI emulator for PC.

Bluestacks features:

  • It provides a smooth gaming experience.
  • The file will start downloading immediately after you click the button.
  • It also customizes themes and the UI.
  • Easy and free to use
  • It offers higher graphic quality.


LDPlayer is a Chinese gaming emulator for playing games on a PC. It provides an excellent gaming experience to play Battle Royale Games like BGMI and PUBG. This emulator supports Android 7.1 Nougat and dramatically helps to Download BGMI.

LdPlayer features:

  • Safe and secure
  • Virus-free
  • It is much lighter


The third emulator to play BGMI on PC is Noxplayer. To play BGMI on Noxplayer, you require 2 GB of RAM. Users can play games using different Android versions. To download for PC, you can also rely on Noxplayer. NoxPlayer is the best BGMI emulator for low-end PCs.

NoxPlayer features:

  • High-quality and smooth gaming experience
  • Customized settings
  • New updates are regularly

Process for downloading BGMI on Mac

You can quickly get it if you are an iOS user or already playing BGMI on iOS and want to play BGMI on your Mac. I hope you have experienced its iOS version. On a PC, you need to download the BlueStacks 5 emulator. You can follow the complete process of downloading the emulator on your PC and applying it on your Mac. Then enjoy it.

BGMI For PC Without Emulator

I have a YouTube video below if you wish to play and download BGMI without an emulator. Watch and apply the method discussed in video to download BGMI without an emulator. In this video, you will learn how to download BGMI for desktop. To download BGMI for laptop, the method is the same as for a pc.


You can play BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA) by using different emulators.

If you want to play BGMI on your pc, then your pc system must fulfill these requirements.

  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • 2GB of memory
  • 5GB of free disk space
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology

The straight answer to your question is no; you can’t play BGMI without installing an emulator on your PC. To download BGMI for PC, You should have an emulator.

Yes, it is legal; you can use Android emulators to play BGMI. 

Here is a list of all emulators used on PC to play BGMI. You can download an emulator of your choice.

  • Bluestacks
  • LDPlayer
  • Game loop
  • Genymotion

 BGMI apk for PC is not as heavy as the Android version of BGMI apk. Its file contains a size of 50 MB.

The main difference is that you get the experience of playing BGMI on a big screen.BGMI Apk for PC is lighter than the BGMI APK Android version.


BGMI is a baptism of fire for a newbie who will experience it for the first time in his life. While playing BGMI, you should remember the terms and conditions Krafton provides to enjoy it fully. PC users also have a multiplayer game experience while playing BGMI. 

I have provided you with the best and simplest ways to download and play BGMI on your PC and Mac. Now, you can enjoy it using emulators on your PC and Mac.

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