Best BGMI Name Symbols & Icons

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By Using a unique BGMI name symbol in a game, you differentiate yourself from other players. BGMI symbols name becomes your identity, which helps other players recognize you. You can also customize BGMI-related social media posts, graphics for community management, BGMI-themed wallpapers and backgrounds for mobile and desktop by using Canva pro mod apk.

Similarly, in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), you can use a symbol name of your own choice. In this article, I will provide you with a specific symbol name that you can add to your account. BGMI icon makes your identity unique from others. Further to enhance your BGMI gaming experience, get the WhatsApp plus updated version to communicate with other gamers to share/gain tips.

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BGMI name symbols

BGMI Name Symbol

Here I will provide you with the list of BGMI icon that most players use in their BGMI accounts. By using BGMI symbols, your BGMI account Id looks more attractive.


Currency Stylish Symbols For BGMI Username

BGMI users also use a symbol name that makes their username eye-catching. Currency symbols for BGMI usernames are also catchy and can attract new players.

  • ¢
  • $
  • Ɖ
  • £
  • ¥
  • ƒ
  • ¤
  • ฿

BGMI Stylish Symbols For Fancy Name

BGMI users also use stylish BGMI name symbol that make their usernames catchy. BGMI’s stylish symbols for fancy names are also catchy.

Star Symbol For BGMI Name

Using a star symbol as your username will make your username stylish and unique.This will make your username attractive and different from other players. Here below is the list of star symbols for BGMI names.

Korean Symbols For BGMI

The Publisher of BGMI is Krafton which is a Korean company. If you want to add some korean symbols in your username to look different from others. A list of korean symbols for BGMI is given below.

Chess Symbols For BGMI Name

Chess is an old and famous board game, and it also has some symbols. You can also add a chess symbol’s name in your BGMI username.

How to add symbol name in BGMI

To add a symbol name in BGMI, you must have a rename card, which you can buy from the game store. You can buy rename card for 180 UC. Step by step process to buy rename card  is given.

  1. Open your BGMI game
  2. Click on the inventory given in the bottom right corner
Fancy Symbols in BGMI
  1. Select icon which looks like Box.
  2. Choose any rename card and use it
  3. Now, copy your favourite symbols from the list provided above
Rename Card IN BGMI
  1. open the notes app and paste all the symbols you have copied.
Notes to save and paste BGMI name
  1. Again copy the symbol from notes and open the BGMI app
  2. Paste in the field given
rename card to paste BGMI name
  1. Tap on OK and your name will be updated


If you want to change your BGMI username, then you need BGMI to rename your card, which you can purchase from the game shop. Otherwise, there is no option to change the BGMI username.

If you have got a rename card, you can change your BGMI username. It would be best if you had 180 UC to buy a rename card.

Yes, you can buy it officially from Playstore, and I won’t recommend you buy it from any third party. 

Step 1: Go to the inventory

Step 2: Click BGMI Rename Card

Step 3: Tap on Use

Step 4: Enter the updated name

Step 5: Save all the settings you have made


Symbol names are needed to Look different and unique to your competitor in the BGMI game. Symbol names put a better impression on your opponents. In the above article I have provided so many BGMI symbols names that  you can use with your rename card.

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